Tips to have your pool ready for the summer

We are entering the month of July and by now many of you will already have your pools ready for the summer. However, it is advisable to check that your installation has everything you need to enjoy some good dips, which allow us to combat the approaching high temperatures.

Today we want to review four basic tips with you that we must not lose sight of to have a pool as clean as refreshing.


Cleaning, a basic aspect

We can prevent dirt and larger elements from entering the circuit, for this we must remove with the mesh net those leaves and insects that are floating on the surface, preferably once a day to prevent them from sinking and making it more difficult to recover.

Those objects that have sunk and are smaller must be removed with the vacuum cleaner, which serves both to clean the floor and the walls. We can help the vacuum by using a pool brush to brush the surface and lift the algae and the sticky green.

Release baskets and dirt deposits at least once a week, also rinsing them with a little water. This will prevent bacteria and other undesirable elements from accumulating, and will allow us to maintain good hygiene.

To facilitate this point, it is recommended not to place trees or plants that can release leaves in the pool.


Chemical balance

Another aspect that we must control, and also linked to hygiene, are the chemical levels in the pool. It is necessary to measure the pH every week to make sure that the acidity and alkalinity are in the correct ranges. To do this, you must use measuring strips.

Chlorine helps us keep bacteria colonies under control, creating a film called biofilm to protect itself from water and the elements that can attack it. To prevent them from proliferating, we must maintain the adequate amount of chlorine, since an excess can end up discoloring the hair or our swimsuits.

It is convenient to make sure that our pool has the correct relationship between pH and chlorine so that hygiene is adequate.


Keep the filter at its best performance

The filter is a tank through which the water circulates, and where the dirt particles are retained, to then return the water to the clean and crystalline pool. The water passes through a filter medium, traditionally composed of silica sand but which has usually been followed by glass sand, much more efficient and long-living. Once the filter has reached its maximum particle re tention capacity, it is necessary to apply a backwash, reversing the valve position. This causes the water to circulate in the opposite direction and expel the retained particles.


The right amount of water

Due to the high temperatures, it is common for us to see how the water level drops over the days. It is not a neighbor coming in to steal your water at night, but the effect that evaporation from the pool has on the water. To make sure we maintain the proper level, it should be slightly above the mesh, which is the pool’s water inlet. In case it is low, just fill it up a little more with a garden hose.



We hope we have helped you check these basic aspects of hygiene and maintenance to fully enjoy your pool this summer. If your dream is to have a swimming pool in which to cool off this summer, at Villas Internacional we have a good number of villas, chalets and luxury villas on the Costa Blanca with a pool ready to dive in.

If you prefer to avoid private pools, we also have luxury apartments, apartments, bungalows and flats in Altea, Alfaz del Pi, Calpe, El Albir, Benissa, Javea, Finestrat, Benidorm, Villajoyosa and many other towns in the area equipped with community pools both outdoors and indoors.

Are you looking for one, please contact us and we will inform you without obligation.

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