The Personal Shopper or Consultant, much more than a real estate agent

For many years there has been a professional figure in the United States destined to legally and strategically advise the home buyer. This figure is known as Real Estate Personal Shopper, a concept borrowed from established Personal Shoppers dedicated to advising clients on fashion. With a very similar philosophy, based fundamentally on being on the buyer’s side and defending their interests, the aforementioned figure was born. And it is that if it did not exist it would have to be invented, given the complexity that usually involves a real estate operation, regardless of its type or magnitude, and the increase in supply and demand derived from urban growth throughout the world, especially in large cities and high demand areas. In this context, the Personal Shopper or Real Estate Consultant is the professional in charge of defending the interests of the buyer at all times.


The Costa Blanca is one of these high-demand areas, with a high growth rate of real estate operations, making it one of the most recommended areas to count on the support of a trained and experienced Real Estate Personal Shopper. At Villas Internacional we provide this service to our clients, providing fundamental advantages such as saving time during the search process, saving resources in mobility, since we are the ones who move to the desired areas to select properties that may be of our customer’s interest, and avoid surprises throughout the operation process. And all in your language.


How do we ensure we find the property that each client needs?


At Villas Internacional we follow a strategic analysis process based mainly on the following steps:


First, we arrange a meeting with our client, either face-to-face or online, to determine the profile of the property you are looking for, characteristics, desired location and approximate budget. Thanks to the high knowledge that we have of the areas, we can identify ideal places according to the tastes of each client.


Once we know these details, we carry out a first filtering both in our database and in other sources, to make sure we cover the entire market and the available options. Once the options are listed, we proceed to present them to the client and jointly select those that are considered to have the greatest potential.


We already have a short listing of properties, now what? We will start one of the most entertaining phases: visits, with the added value of having Guided Tours. This way we can know if there is a feeling between the property and the client, in addition to the area in which it is located, the community of neighbors and neighboring services. If so, one of the most important stages begins, the delivery of the housing report. This is a detailed x-ray of the current situation of the property, with its advantages and disadvantages, so that the client knows at all times the details of the property they want to acquire. The legal and urban analysis of the property, the property, the area, the community of owners is included in this report. If you need reform, we contact an architect to proceed with an assessment. And the documentary aspect is also included: reservation document, the down payment, the notary’s deed, etc.


If everything is in agreement, we begin with the action plan, where we include, among others, the negotiation of house prices and mortgage conditions.

Once we have decided that we are going to take the big step, we proceed to manage all the necessary procedures to change the owner of the property’s services, such as the Registry and Cadastre, notary management and basic services such as electricity, gas, water, etc.


Are you thinking of hiring a Real Estate Personal Shopper?


Before contacting a Real Estate Personal Shopper, it is important to make sure that they are someone who knows the local market well, who has extensive experience and a good network of collaborators to access interesting properties, which may have less visibility.

With a high degree of penetration and knowledge of the real estate market on the Costa Blanca (Altea, Calpe, Finestrat, La Vila, Benidorm, El Albir, Alfaz del Pi, La Nucía, Polop, Guadalest, etc.) at Villas Internacional we like to establish a relationship of trust with our clients, with fluid communication to know at all times what they need and how we can facilitate it (purchase of commercial premises, office spaces, apartments, chalets, villas, plots, town houses, country houses …). In addition, it is common for our purchase intention to evolve throughout the process, and we adapt our tastes and aspirations.


Buying a property has a high emotional charge, which can sometimes cause us to rush out of fear of missing an opportunity, making approximately 20% of buyers regret purchasing a property. At Villas Internacional we accompany you all the way to make the right decisions at all times, objectively and with all the information available.

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