The Costa Blanca, an ideal place to telecommute

In our previous post we talked about how the Covid had affected the real estate market and we told you how the successive quarantines and teleworking had led clients to rethink their housing preferences. Buying trends are beginning to move towards more spacious and bright homes, with more rooms, further away from the central and populated areas and from which the outside areas can be enjoyed in some way.

Taking into account this new context, today we want to reflect on the many benefits of having a home that we can enjoy, with spaces equipped for teleworking.

According to a study by the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences, 67% of households currently state that they have at least one person teleworking or tele-studying. 57.7% of these homes have a space for teleworking, 34.45% only have a circumstantial space and 8% do not have a fixed space.

Respondents and professionals (interior designers and architects) generally agree on some of the most desirable qualities for teleworking spaces: exterior light, space, temperature, noise isolation and interior design finish.

Some of the most common problems for many of the households surveyed are: poor noise isolation or not having adequate furniture. According to psychologists, this new paradigm of teleworking can also affect our emotional stability as it blurs the lines between personal and professional, lack of mobility and exercise, difficulty disconnecting, etc. It is highly recommended to have a dedicated space, as it greatly facilitates returning to that necessary separation. It is also helpful to stick to a schedule, maintain healthy habits, and set breaks.

On the Costa Blanca we have the enormous privilege of being able to enjoy beautiful views from a large number of homes, either to the sea and the coast, or to the mountains. We are also fortunate to have a real estate network that is not mostly made up of small apartments, in addition to the fact that we do not have tumultuous and highly populated areas as in large cities. All this contributes to making the Costa Blanca an ideal place to telecommute.

Interior designers and architects recommend us to have adequate furniture, comfortable chairs and wide tables with an appropriate height. It is also vital to take advantage of natural light as much as possible and, in terms of artificial light, to combine warm and cold light with at least two light points, one central and one focused on our workstation. On the Costa Blanca, the rooms facing the East are usually the brightest and least humid, most recommended for teleworking.

To combat the feeling of disorganization, shelves and filing cabinets can be useful; in addition to stripping ourselves of unnecessary objects in space.

If we are looking to renovate a space for teleworking, a clear and neutral color palette reflects more light and helps concentration. Finally, the quality of the air and the good smell are essential, ventilating the spaces and acquiring scented candles, flowers and plants, textile soaps and air fresheners help us to concentrate and remind us of the outdoor spaces that we miss.

At Villas International we understand the preferences of our clients and we are always attentive to changes in trends to always offer the best solutions. We have a wide catalog of properties in the most attractive locations on the Costa Blanca: Altea, Albir, Alfaz del Pí, Benissa, Calpe, Finestrat, Jávea, La Nucía or Villajoyosa; among many others.
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