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Ten questions we must ask ourselves before buying a home

Ten questions we must ask ourselves before buying a home

Buying a new home, whether to reside all year, a property to spend the holidays or as an investment objective, is one of the most important economic decisions we can make in our life. In most cases we will have to dedicate a monthly fee of our income in the form of a mortgage for years to cover his full payment, so it is advisable that the decision and purchase process has been made in a thoughtful way and with all the information possible to not repent in the future.

In Villas Internacional we are aware of the importance of purchasing in a planned and secure way, so we offer a completely personalized process of advice and monitoring of the entire process, backed by an extensive network of professionals. If you want to buy a villa, an apartment, a country house, a luxury villa, a plot or a luxury apartment on the Costa Blanca, at Villas Internacional we provide you with all the keys you need to know in order for your purchase to be successful. At this month’s blog we reveal you some questions you should ask yourself before buying.

Questions to ask before purchasing a home

1- How much am I willing to pay?

The price that I am willing to pay for housing will allow us to define a minimum and maximum range. On the Costa Blanca the prices vary considerably as we approach the coast and urban centers (Benidorm, Calpe, Denia, Gandia, Torrevieja, El Albir, Altea, Santa Pola, Alicante …). Other aspects that can vary the price of the house are its typology (villa, apartment, luxury villa, townhouse, bungalow, etc.); its size, state and square meters built and plot. It is advisable to make an estimation of our future income to make sure we buy a property within our means and avoid falling into situations of economic hardship.

2- Second hand or new housing?

As a general rule, the new construction houses have better conditioning and facilities, although there are also old properties renovated in excellent conditions. It is important to determine especially the state of the plumbing and electricity to avoid having to make subsequent investments.

3- What kind of property do I look for (villa, apartment, chalet, bungalow …)?

The property that we are going to acquire should fit our current and future lifestyle (number of family members, pets, etc.), and not the other way around. It is advisable to contrast the advantages and disadvantages that each type of property offers and assess if it matches what we need.

4- How much space do I need?

As in the previous question, the number of bedrooms, square meters, bathrooms, size of the kitchen, dining room, living room and other spaces should be adjusted to our current needs and assess whether they will increase the members who will live at home or if we have children who will want to become independent soon.

5- Do I want a garden or a plot?

The houses with plot or garden offer an exclusive space in which to enjoy our time, especially if they have other amenities such as swimming pool, solarium or barbecue area. It is ideal to get the most out of friends or family, and children and pets love to play in it, but it requires some care and maintenance that we must take into account before choosing to include them in our wish list.

6- What about the CEE (Energy Efficiency Certificate)?

In Villas Internacional we are aware of the importance of saving and energy efficiency in terms of economy and ecology, so we inform you about the status and processing of the EEC Energy Efficiency Certificate of all our available homes on the Costa Blanca.

7- Are there charges that burden the home?

It is important to know the legal status of the home we are going to acquire to ensure that there are no legal charges such as taxes, IBI receipts and municipal fees to pay, rents or mortgages in force among others.

8- How is the area?

In Villas Internacional we have the Guided Tour service in which we accompany you and advise you so that you know the surroundings and do not take surprises once you have acquired the home. We must consider, among other aspects, if it is a noisy area, if there are basic services nearby, the profile of the neighbors we will live with, distance to urban areas, etc.

9- Are there any works planned in the building?

It is good to have this information in advance to prevent future spills and pending approved works. At Villas Internacional we anticipate and provide you with all this information.

10- Has the ITE and IEE review passed?

Since 2013, there is a new system for analyzing the state of buildings known as IEE, which could be said to be an evolution of the ITE. The Technical Inspection of Buildings (ITE) is a mandatory assessment that must pass buildings with a certain age and that is limited to its state of preservation (structure, foundations, covers, basic accessibility conditions …). However, the IEE (Building Evaluation Report) evaluates broader criteria such as safety, health, accessibility and energy efficiency. At Villas Internacional we also provide you with information related to these certifications and evaluations.

These are just some of the many aspects that we must assess before deciding to buy a home. Remember that Villas International offers all the information you need and advice to buy your new property enjoying an excellent service, backed by a wide network of professionals (lawyers, notaries, architects, etc). In addition, thanks to our exclusive personalized service, we also resolve any questions that may arise about legal issues of buying properties by foreigners; how the health system works in Spain, where to find the best restaurant in my area of ​​the Costa Blanca, the most amazing beaches in the region or what is the fastest way to get to the nearest airport. Thanks to our extensive experience in Spain and especially in the Costa Blanca we have everything you need to turn your shopping process into the best experience so you just have to relax and enjoy your new property.

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