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Keep your house cool this summer

Keep your house cool this summer

We enter the month of August and on the Costa Blanca we do it with pleasant and bearable temperatures compared to previous summers, such as in 2015, the second warmest since 1961. However, a less hot summer is not synonymous with a cold summer, and some heat waves have raised temperatures above 30 degrees, causing the indoor temperature of some homes to have also done so.

Heat can be especially annoying on tropical nights, a weather term used to designate those nights when the minimum does not drop below 20 degrees and relative humidity is more than 60%-70%. These conditions make it difficult to sleep and rest properly, which can lead to states of tiredness and drowsiness the next day.

This state, coupled with the heat installed in our house, can turn our personal space into an overwhelming place. That’s why at Villas Internacional we want to share with you some basic tricks to refresh your house without air conditioning. It doesn’t matter if it’s an apartment, a villa, a plot, a country house or a townhouse, with these simple tips you can significantly lower the temperature and enjoy your home without sweating a drop:

1- Dishwasher and washing machines, better at night
Limiting the use of appliances to the evening hours will help not raise the temperature of our home more than necessary. Its use releases a lot of heat, so these are unnecessary heat sources whose use we can limit to  summer nights. In addition, if our electricity rate contemplates it, we can save on the electricity bill during this section.

2- Recycle the materials your home wears
Some materials retain heat more than others, so during the summer it is advisable to store the carpets and make sure to use cotton sheets, which are lighter and sweat better. In addition, if we have sofas or leather armchairs, we can use covers of the same materials to reduce the effect of leather on the body when sitting.

3- Update the bulbs in your home
At Villas Internacional we always recommend using LED bulbs. It is a technology of low consumption and greater efficiency than traditional incandescents, which in addition to helping us to reduce costs significantly in the electricity bill, generate 90% less heat. Still, remember to turn on the lights only when needed, and try to take advantage of the hours of natural light that the summer months provide.

Photo by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti

4- Lower your blinds
Probably one of the most logical and effective tricks is to avoid unnecessary exposure of the interior of our house to the sun, so lowering the blinds will help to lower the temperature of the room. We can also lower awnings and close curtains if we have them, which will help to lower the general temperature between 5º and 7º.

5- Take advantage of the hours of less light to ventilate
If we keep the blinds, awnings and curtains during the hours of more light shut, we must open them completely at sunrise and sunset, preferably facilitating air currents by opening windows and doors. This will help to keep the house cooler at night and get a more restful and effective sleep.

6- Adapt your diet
Just as we recommend limiting the use of washing machines to the evening hours, we also recommend that you do the same with ceramic hobs, ovens and dishwashers. Adapting our diet in summer to fresher foods like salads and fresh dishes will not only help us have lighter digestions, but will reduce heat emissions in the kitchen.

On the other hand, if your house has a garden or plot with barbecue area, take the opportunity to cook your food in the outdoor area instead of in the kitchen.

Photo by Mariana Medvedeva

7- Plants to combat heat
Nature can be your best ally when it comes to fighting the heat. If you have an outdoor area such as a terrace or garden, you can water the plants and soil a little to cool it down and avoid the accumulated heat. You can do the same with the interior soil using cold water, soaking it a little to cool down.

In addition, using climbing plants such as vines and ivy will help us to achieve a natural barrier against heat, getting cooler rooms and floral and cheerful spaces.
We hope that by starting these tricks you can lower the temperature of your house. Remember also that Villas Internacional is your real estate on the Costa Blanca, and we can help you find your ideal home on the Costa Blanca, both with sea and mountain views, in Benidorm, Calpe, Altea, El Albir, La Nucía, Finestrat, Alfaz del Pí, Callosa , Benissa, Javea or wherever you prefer it.

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